Windsurf Board: 2015 Tabou Pocket Wave, 78l, (228 x 58), (Tri-

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    Windsurf Board: 2015 Tabou Pocket Wave, 78l, (228 x 58), (Tri-fin, Standard A Box), B+ Condition, $725 CAD 




     (mast plate not included)


    Very light, quick to plane, turny and surfy, just perfect for 5.2 down to 3.5. Very slashy and forgiving with the original tri-fin setup, it also works well with a larger single fin to extend it's lighter air range. Designed for either single or tri-fin, I used it both single fin and tri-fin. The tri-fins are in almost perfect condition. The Tabou straps, made by Dakine, are new.

    Here's a board review of the 2016 Tabou Pocket Wave 78, which is the same board as the 2015 board, just with different graphics:


    Quick review of the 2016 Pocket Wave 78 for you.....

    I was pretty excited unwrapping these beauties, the pockets have always been my favourite board so it's pretty exciting when a new shape arrives.

    I must say I'm super impressed, I've had a few decent sessions on it now in different conditions and the immediate thing that strikes me is how much more "Surfy" the board feels.

    Getting on and going is the Pockets typically high standard. You're just up and away, Which is ideal when you're in side onshore surf like I sail a lot In. I used it now with 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 and it was sweet with all three.

    Speed is pretty much the same I think, but it's a different animal in the waves.

    At first it felt a little more lively and skittish but you soon tame that and the control is there the same as always when you get in your groove.

    When you start in the waves the board can turn super tight, but not in a back footed way, it's way more surfy, the board feels like it's in the wave so you are really carving it, cutting back is the same, the board hugs the water and gives a super smooth hook back that you can take right round back upwind. Some boards out there with the wide tails and straight rails feel like you're just redirecting a wide tailed battle ship as it slides across the water. This is definitely not one of them!!

    I super happy with it and for me I'm mega excited to get it in some more waves soon! I can't believe July and August has brought us so much sailing!!

    Well, I hope some of this is help for any of you guys and girls reading this and not sure how it might feel on the water, it works at my beach, I'm sure it'll RIP at yours too... Main thing is it's super fun, and that's what windsurfing is about!!

    Enjoy the wind and waves....

    Phil Horrocks
    British Wave Champion”